Drivers call for Wigan "danger road" to be dealt with before accident happens

A “dangerous” spot where “kids have been walking into the road” due to parked cars has become such an issue that people are calling for Wigan Council to step up.

Low Bank Road, where many park up on a Sunday at Ashton Bears for a game day has caused traffic issues in recent months – leading to concerns this could cause an accident.

One concerned resident believes that longer double yellow lines should be implemented outside the club to deter parents attending games from parking there. The rugby league club has explained that they have been working with Wigan Council, who own the land, to try and expand their car park and make more spaces available to ease the congestion on the road.

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Terrifying footage of car careering out of control and smashing into Wigan garde...
Cars parked up at the side of Low Bank Road are making conditions treacherous, it has been claimed

A video from a recent game day (September 11) shows cars parked outside the club blocking the pavement and creating a traffic jam on the narrow road.

Stephanie Dodsworth, who regularly gets held up on the road on a Sunday, said: “Something needs doing before someone gets hurt. It would be great if the council could help the club make a better car park for the vehicles.

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“There should be room to do this and when this is done maybe putting yellow lines down one side of the road the side where the path is so cars can’t block the pavement. This would be great for the club and keep the area safe as there’s bound to be an accident.

“I was more concerned when we got to the bottom of the road where kids were walking in the road because of the parked cars.

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“The club is fantastic for the kids and I wouldn’t want anything to happen.”

Council have asked anyone who sees those who are obstructing highways to contact the police. Over the next few weeks Ashton Bears will be working with the council on how to avoid parking issues in future.

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Lisa McCulloch, a member of the Ashton Bears ARLFC committee, said: “The land the club is on belongs to the council so we are desperately asking for them to make the car park bigger. We want to do this by tarmacking it and lining it to generate more car parking spaces to hopefully ease the issue on the road.

“We were lucky enough to get the little bit of yellow lines near the entrance of the club , but people do still park on them.”

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A spokesperson for Wigan Council said: “We are aware of reports that vehicles have been parking on narrow sections of the highway near to the Ashton Bears club. If anyone witnesses cars parking on the highway, away from existing parking restrictions and causing an obstruction then they should report it to Greater Manchester Police.

“Wigan Council is working with the club to explore how further parking issues can be avoided.”