Drug farms uncovered

Cannabis farm being grown in a tent at Highfield Bridge Mews - Atherton
Cannabis farm being grown in a tent at Highfield Bridge Mews - Atherton

POLICE swooped on two cannabis farms in separate Wigan properties on the same day - seizing a total of 60 cannabis plants.

Cannabis plants believed to have a street value of £30,000 were seized from premises in Atherton and Tyldesley.

One farm, that was being cultivated in the front room of a flat, was brought to the attention of police officers after the fire service were called to reports of a fire.

When firefighters arrived at the property, however, they discovered that there was no blaze, simply a piece of burnt toast in the kitchen.

Police were then alerted after 40 plants were found being grown in a purpose built tent at the property in Hindsford Bridge Mews, Atherton.

While earlier in the day, 20 plants were seized at a property on Astley Street in Tyldesley.

Wigan Police confirmed that inquires were ongoing into both cases, which are not thought to be linked, and that no arrests have as yet been made.

A spokesman said: “At about 12.50pm police were called to Astley Street to reports of a robbery.

“Officers attended to discover the back door open and found a cannabis farm in the front bedroom, 40 plants were seized.

“Officers were also called to Hindsford Bridge Mews at around 5.30pm by the fire service. Twenty plants were found in the living room.”

Advice was also given on how residents can help Wigan Police identify illegal drug farms.

The spokesman added: “Residential properties are often developed into cannabis factories and there are often distinctive signs people can look out for.

“These include people arriving and leaving properties at random times of the day and night, a pungent aroma in the area, large amounts of chemical wiring or chemicals or compost being delivered.

“Also keep an eye out for blacked out windows or bright lights coming from a number of windows all night long.”

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire, said: “Our officers were called to reports of a burning smell. We thought it was some sort of kitchen fire but discovered that the smell was coming from some overdone toast.

“Once the plants were found, the matter was handed over to the police.”

Anyone with information can call Wigan on 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.