Drunk assaulted paramedic and threatened to bite policeman’s nose off

Crime story
Crime story

A DRUNK who launched a vicious assault on a Wigan paramedic has been jailed.

Stuart Wilding also repeatedly verbally abused ambulanceman Mark Wilson as he tried to help him and had to be physically restrained by police on his arrival at hospital.

His disgraceful behaviour was today condemned by North West Ambulance Service’s director of operations, Derek Cartwright, who said crews had a right to work without fear of assault and that the verdict sent out “a very clear message”.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how a concerned passer-by had dialled 999 after finding Wilding unconscious in the street.

Katie Beattie, prosecuting, told how the 25-year-old then started “kicking off” at members of the public after being woken from his slumber.

With difficulty, Mr Wilson and his colleague managed to get the defendant onto a stretcher and into the back of the ambulance.

But Wilding then became verbally abusive when they asked him to remove his wet clothes and wrapped him in blankets. When Mr Wilson asked the defendant what had happened to him, Wilding repeatedly replied “are you serious” before tensing his arms and threatening to “smash” the paramedic’s face in.

The defendant then grabbed Mr Wilson’s arm aggressively and only released his grip when the paramedic managed to manoeuvre his arm out of the way.

Then, when the police arrived, Wilding threatened to bite off PC McFarlane’s nose. Police accompanied the defendant to Wigan Infirmary and, when he arrived, Wilding made a series of threats to A&E staff and had to be handcuffed and restrained as his stretcher was wheeled into hospital.

Officers even had to deploy leg restraints after Wilding started kicking out at them.

In a subsequent police interview Wilding, of Canberra Road, Marsh Green, told how he had downed at least 10 pints and a couple of shots.

He said he couldn’t remember anything after leaving his friend’s flat, but apologised for his actions.

In a victim impact statement, paramedic Mark Wilson said: “I’m paid to be a paramedic and to help people - I’m not there to be abused and threatened.”

Glen Wrigley, defending, conceded that his client’s behaviour was “a disgrace” but asked for Wilding to be given some credit after he pleaded guilty to assault and threatening behaviour at the first opportunity.

He told how Wilding had previously gone 12 months without boozing and had downed so much that day that “he could have killed himself”.

Mr Wrigley added: “Mr Wilding accepts that his behaviour was completely unacceptable and he’s mortified about it.

“Thankfully, this was an isolated incident.

“He hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol since.”

Magistrates jailed Wilding for 12 weeks. They told him: “Your behaviour was disgusting.

“You were so intoxicated that you were unconscious and you then assaulted a paramedic who was trying to help you.

“Your appalling behaviour even continued at the hospital.

“If you choose to behave in this manner then you must accept the consequences.”