Drunk nurse: I was going to gas myself

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News story

A WIGAN nurse, who was found drunk in a Lake District carpark with her daughter, told police she was planning to gas herself.

Thankfully no such tragedy took place, but the mother was yesterday sentenced by Carlisle magistrates for being drunk in charge of a child and drink-driving.

I was going to gas myself. There’s a pipe in the car

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had already pleaded guilty to the charges last month.

Justices heard the Standish 30-year-old drove her Audi onto the Waterfoot Caravan Park near Penrith on February 10, and a member of staff went over to her as the park was closed for the winter.

Prosecuting, John Moran said the man opened the car door thinking the driver was lost and maybe wanted directions, but he detected a strong smell of alcohol and saw a young child was in the back seat so he took the car keys and contacted the police.

The court heard there was a variety of empty alcohol cans and bottles with some stale food on the floor of the car and in its boot. And when police arrived they asked the woman what she was doing, she said she was very nervous, then added “I was going to gas myself. There’s a pipe in the car.”

No pipe was found. The woman admitted she had drunk a lot of wine and Pims while parked up. She failed a road side breath test, the reading showing she was almost four times over the limit.

Mr Moran said she told officers “I need help, please help me,” and admitted she was in no fit state to look after her child.

She has a previous drink-driving conviction during 2010 and was disqualified.

Defending, Sara Budniak said her client had worked in a very responsible position, she was currently under a lot of strain but would like to make it “clear she would never harm her child.” She is now receiving help for her medical conditions and has stopped drinking alcohol.

Magistrates gave her a 36-month driving ban, a one-year community order with a requirement to attend the accredited drink-driver awareness programme, plus a rehabilitation activity order of 10 days, prosecution costs of £85 and a victims surcharge of £60 has also to be paid.