Drunken guest fined

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A DRUNKEN wedding guest who lashed out at a police officer with her stiletto shoe has been hit with a hefty fine - which she must pay before moving to Thailand next month.

Make-up artist Annette Jones was so upset at police arresting her partner following a drunken row at the Britannia Hotel in Standish that she struck one of the officers with her stiletto.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how officers were initially called to the car park of the hotel in Almond Brook Road at about 11.30pm on May 6 following an argument between Jones’s partner and another man in the hotel bar.

Katie McFarlane, prosecuting, told how the 41-year-old defendant, who had been boozing on an empty stomach all day, and her partner were then asked to leave.

But Jones, who was wearing a pair of pink “pig-shaped” slippers after removing her stiletto shoes, started hurling abuse at the police officers, labelling them “jobs-worths”.

She then continued to verbally abuse the officers in the hotel’s car park when her partner was arrested for being drunk and disorderly before striking one of the officers with her stiletto.

Fortunately, the shoe only connected with the officer’s body armour - just a couple of inches from the back of his neck - and he was uninjured.

She was immediately arrested for assaulting a police constable, but then lashed out at the officers again before she could be placed in handcuffs. Only when the officers threatened to spray CS gas at her did she refrain from kicking out.

Nick Lloyd, defending, told how his client had no previous convictions and deserved credit for her early guilty plea. He said she was also of previous good character.

He argued that Jones, who had only been invited to the wedding after helping the bridal party with their make-up, had got “carried along” and added that it was “a situation she bitterly regrets and is desperately ashamed of”.

Magistrates ordered Jones, of Keswick Road, St Helens, to pay a £500 fine, £85 towards prosecution costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

She must pay the amount in full before emigrating to Thailand on June 4.