Drunken man fined after hotel chaos

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A WIGAN man who disturbed hotel residents by trying to sleep rough in the corridor has admitted to being drunk and disorderly.

Dennis Ganderton was arrested after police were called by employees to the Bellingham Hotel in Wigan Lane at about 10.30pm on Wednesday, May 15.

The 41-year-old had become aggressive and abusive to staff after he had attempted to go off to sleep in one of the hotel’s corridor. Guests were complaining about the nuisance he was causing.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how Ganderton was in such a state that he was not only slurring his words but had also urinated in his trousers.

He even squared up to one of the police officers when they arrived at the scene and he was arrested on the spot before spending a night in the cells at Wigan Police Station to sober up.

Melissa Fagan, defending, told the court how her client had not been in the best of health and she said he warranted credit for lodging an early guilty plea.

She said Ganderton had found himself “somewhat tired” after a drinking session in the Bellingham Hotel and had tried to put his head down to get some sleep.

But Ms Fagan said he fully accepted his “irresponsible” behaviour thereafter and told how he was “deeply embarrassed” about the way he presented himself to the police.

Magistrates fined Ganderton, of Silverdale Avenue, Ince, £73 and ordered him to pay another £85 towards prosecution costs and a £20 victim 

The total, consolidated with outstanding court fines of £382, was due to be deducted from the defendant’s benefits.