Drunken partner stamped on victim

Crime story
Crime story

A MAN who kicked and punched his partner in a drunken rage has narrowly escaped going to jail.

A court heard how Sean Jennings got into a row with Amanda Lannon after she returned to their home in Queen Street, Wigan and was looking at messages on his mobile phone.

The 33-year-old started punching and kicking her and when she ended up on the floor he stamped on her and the attack resulted in a cut to her artery near her temple which bled profusely.

She was taken to hospital where she was treated for bruising as well as having stitches put in the one inch cut, said Andrew Downie, prosecuting.

Imposing a 12-month sentence suspended for 15 months the judge, Recorder Anthony Long, said, “There was absolutely no excuse whatsoever for this attack. It must have been terrifying.”

He added that references showed there was good in him and the episode had been out of character. He ordered him to pay his victim £500 compensation and attendance on a relationship programme during 15 months’ supervision.

The judge also imposed an indefinite restraining order keeping him away from Ms Lannon and banning him from entering Queen Street.

Jennings, of Ashbourne Avenue, New Springs, pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court to assault causing actual bodily harm on May 24.

In an impact statement the victim said that she believed he would not have stopped if he had not seen all the blood.

“He cannot just do this and get away with it.”

She said that their relationship is now over.

Max Saffman, defending, said that Jennings, a hard worker, has previous convictions but has never served a custodial sentence.

He had admitted inflicting multiple blows when interviewed and accepted that all his offending occurred after he had been drinking, said Mr Saffman.