Drunken woman fined for cop abuse

Crime news
Crime news

A WIGAN woman hurled abuse at police and tried to bite them, a court heard.

Vicky Percival, of Gorman Walk, Worsley Mesnes, admitted being drunk and disorderly in a public place and ordered to pay £180. The 38-year-old told Wigan justices said she could not remember the incident because she was “really drunk.”

Police were called to Boucher Walk, Worsley Mesnes, and found Percival in the street. Prosecutor Katie Beattie said: “The officer said she had fallen to the floor, she was very drunk, soaking wet and had a cut to her face. Officers were concerned about her injury but she was abusive, calling one of them ‘a pig’. She tried to bite an officer when she was placed in hand-cuffs.”

The presiding magistrate said: “You have been abusive to a number of different people and it is concerning that you tried to bite them.”