Dying pensioner reunited with horse for final time

Sheila Marsh with Bronwen
Sheila Marsh with Bronwen

THIS touching photo shows the moment a Wigan pensioner was reunited with her beloved horse one last time, just hours before she died.

Sheila Marsh passed away peacefully in hospital on Monday after giving her treasured mare Bronwen one last kiss.

The 77-year-old animal lover told Wigan Infirmary staff of her dying wish and they were able to set up one final meeting on the hospital car park.

Daughter Tina has today paid a heartfelt thank-you to nurses who had cared for her so well and helped facilitate the visit.

“It took a lot for mum to talk on her last day but clearly called Bronwen’s name and asked for a kiss,” she said. “There were lots of fantastic nurses that cared for my mum as if she was their mum.

“So thank-you everyone who made my mum’s time in hospital ever so special.”

Mrs Marsh, who had battled cancer, had owned the mare for almost two decades and wanted to say goodbye. Not only that but hospital staff also allowed her dog Poddy to rest on the foot of her bed.

“She had a really special relationship with Bronwen,” added Tina.

“She had her for about 18 or 19 years from Bronwen being seven. It was so touching for us all, it meant a lot to us. She hadn’t seen them for two weeks.

“The dog and the horse were really pining for her so it’s closure for them as well - when they both came home they were a bit perkier.

“The nurses at the hospital were absolutely fantastic with my mum.

“They couldn’t do any more to try and help her and help me and the family, they really were brilliant.”