dylan's brush with death after munching ibuprofen

A DRUG-popping dog called Dylan is in rehab after mistaking powerful pills for sweets.

Thankfully, the three-year-old chocolate Labrador, who lives with his family in Wigan, is now recovering after a course of emergency treatment.

He had wolfed down the contents of a pack of Ibuprofen, stolen from a shelf in the kitchen and being used by his mistress to treat her own torn muscle.

Now Wallgate-based vet Dr Shams Mir, who has been treating Dylan at the Anrich Veterinary Hospital, is warning pet owners to keep human medication out of reach of pets.

Dylan was clearly fascinated with the rattling packet he snatched.

His silence when called raised his owner’s suspicions and he was caught eating the contents of a pack of tablets. Dr Mir said that, as Ibuprofen is absorbed quite fast from the stomach of a dog, urgent treatment was required.

Dylan is now back to his mischievous self, having taught his owners an important lesson.

Ibuprofen is available in the UK as an over-the-counter medicine under various brand names, like Nurofen.

Dr Mir said: “Dylan remained in intensive care for more than 24 hours before he could be discharged from the hospital.

“He has had to take medication for two weeks to avoid further complications but he is back to his normal self now..”

In dogs, Ibuprofen causes severe ulceration of the stomach and intestinal walls, followed by damage to the kidneys.

Dr Mir said: “In Dylan’s case prompt action by the owner and timely treatment given avoided any untoward outcome.

“Some human medicines can be quite dangerous or potentially fatal for our pets and should be kept where they can’t have access to them.”

Last month the Evening Post reported on Leo the beagle from Standish who needed life-saving treatment after overdosing on chocolate.