Aaron’s tribute to ‘a lovely teacher’

Aaron with Pastoral Support Worker Vicky Ratcliffe
Aaron with Pastoral Support Worker Vicky Ratcliffe

A GENEROUS Wigan schoolboy organised a fund-raising trek in memory of his favourite teacher.

Aaron Martin, 15, of Abraham Guest Academy completed a charity hike after the sudden death of teaching assistant, Anne Proe of Standish aged 57.

The popular member of staff died at Christmas after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just months before.

Pastoral Support worker, Vicky Ratcliffe, who helped Aaron arrange the 14 mile walk around Rivington, has described much-missed Anne as loving and thoughtful.

The 26-year-old said: “Anne was the most lovely person you could ever meet and she is massively missed here by everybody at the school.

“She was willing to help anybody and gave up so much of her time for other people. For example she supported me so much when I started my role here at the school, it was just about lending an ear. Anne was a big part of the team and a little chatterbox.”

Aaron from Norley Hall organised the walk for around 20 people, including members of staff, with the company Tread UK. The teenager is due to start work with the company as an apprentice when he leaves school in summer. He is donating more than £1,000 which he raised to Macmillan Cancer Care and The Christie Hospital.

The youngster had been taught extra English and maths lessons by Anne and wanted to keep her memory alive.

He said: “As with everybody else here, I was absolutely devastated when I heard that she had died. It was such a shock and so tragic that it happened so quickly, I couldn’t believe it at first. .

“She was one of the best teachers you could possibly ask for.

“She was most supportive and you could talk to her about anything and she would listen to you.

“She was one of those teachers who would help you with any work you were stuck on and I could just get all the frustration of exams off my chest and she would always be there.

“Just a couple of weeks after her death I knew I wanted to do something to remember her by. And I wanted to donate the money to charities which helped her so much while she was alive. At first it was just an idea but everybody got on board and it was so nice to see everybody rallying around.”