Ambassador’s primary borough ambition

Stephane Jamin - Ambassador from Angers, France
Stephane Jamin - Ambassador from Angers, France

WIGAN’S French ambassador has spoken about how the borough’s schools have inspired him to follow his dream career.

Stéphane Jamin has taken up an educational role since coming to the town from Angers, France, in October.

And he admits that his time here has spurred him on to take up full-time teaching back home.

Stéphane said: “Personally I feel really motivated about teaching. Back in France I studied for one year to become a teacher at secondary level before taking another course to become a university teacher.

“Indeed this year as an Ambassador has been an opportunity for me to gain professional experience.

“When I was a student I had the wrong idea about being a primary school teacher and I was a bit nervous because of my lack of experience with children.

“Now my mind has completely changed, children are fantastic; they are happy, curious and full of life.

“I will definitely have to reconsider where I want to teach in France. I am also really enthusiastic because I have received great feedback from the teachers in schools where I have given presentations.

“I would also love to figure out if I am suited to secondary school teaching.”

The Ambassador Exchange programme between the twin towns of Angers and Wigan has existed since 1988.

Each year, Angers and Wigan send a young representative to develop the link between the two cities.

Stéphane said: “One of the roles of the Ambassador is to promote the Twinning.

“I think there is no better promotion or advertisement for the Twinning than to go into primary schools and talk about it.

“If we can teach foreign language early on, if we can open their minds to cultural differences and the fact that there is a whole world out there that is worth discovering, then we will give them a good start in education.”