Anger over school uniform dispute

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A WIGAN grandmother says she feels badly let down by the school her grandson attends after spending nearly a year trying to resolve an issue with its headteacher.

Ann Hopla says she simply wants an apology from Castle Hill St Philip’s Primary School headteacher Wendy Hilton.

Last summer, Mrs Hopla visited to the school to alert staff that her grandson’s uniform had gone missing for the third time along with his swimming kit.

According to Mrs Hopla, of Balmoral Drive, Hindley, she politely informed a teacher that if the items were not recovered that she would contact the police as she deemed it to be theft. Mrs Hopla said: “I also asked if he could send a letter out to parents just to see if any other child had taken home the items by mistake. A few days later when my daughter went into school, the headteacher spoke to her saying she did not appreciate me threatening to go to the police and upsetting staff,

“I am appalled at this behaviour, I feel that the headteacher was chastising my daughter and that she should have spoken to me if she had a problem with me.”

Mrs Hopla made a formal complaint to the school and after following the official complaints procedure, had her complaint discussed by the board of governors. She added: “This is something that could have been resolved months ago. Thankfully, my grandson’s uniform was recovered after I said I may go to the police.”

Mrs Hilton said: “As far as we are concerned, this issue was resolved.”