Behaviour worse in schools

PARENTS are most likely to blame their child’s friends for naughty behaviour in the classroom.

Bullying and boredom are also top causes of disruptive behaviour, according to survey carried out by Netmums.

It also revealed that parents think children are naughtier now than when they were young. More than nine in 10 (92.8%) parents think a child’s friends can influence bad behaviour at school.

More than four-fifths (83.9%) said bullying affects behaviour, while 78.2% cited boredom.

The poll asked almost 900 parents for their views on behaviour in schools.

The findings show that two-thirds (65.6%) of parents think that children are more badly behaved at school now than when they were in the classroom.

And half (51.1%) said that schools dealt with discipline better when they were at school than they do now.

Many parents also believe that talking is a better solution to bad behaviour than suspending or expelling youngsters.

Some 83% of those questioned said that talking through right and wrong behaviour is the best method for disciplining children at school.

Nearly three-quarters (73.6%) were in favour of detentions, while 39.5% backed suspension and 29.6% backed expulsion. Just 9.8% were in favour of corporal punishment. Parents were also asked for their views on the Government’s plans to tackle unruly behaviour in school. Some 85.6% backed plans to give teachers more powers to deal with bad behaviour.