Burnham’s pledge to scrap tuition fees

Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham
Labour leadership candidate Andy Burnham
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LABOUR leadership contender Andy Burnham has pledged to scrap tuition fees to “lift the millstone of debt” from students.

The Leigh MP will introduce a graduate tax in its place if he leads the party into government in 2020.

Former leader Ed Miliband pledged to cut tuition fees in England from £9,000 to £6,000 but the current shadow health secretary has adopted a more drastic approach.

He said: “This (manifesto) offers Labour a radical vision for the 21st century and that is what the party is crying out for, we can’t carry on as we are.

“People are fed up with politics because life’s been getting harder, it’s hard to get on the housing ladder, it’s harder for young people to get on in the world and people are struggling to make ends meet. And yet Westminster hasn’t been providing the answers.

“Labour has to change that, give people a vision that they can believe in and that’s what this is. It will offer real help for young people, lifting the millstone of debt from young people. And also the biggest house-building programme since the post-war government. Plus more help for people in the workplace and a national living wage for all ages.”