Education boss vows to work on truancy

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WIGAN has the fifth best primary school attendance rates in England new figures reveal.

Information from the Department for Education shows that Millbrook Primary School in Shevington is the best performing school in the borough with and overall absence rate of just 2.6 per cent and no recordings of truants for the autumn term 2009 and spring term 2010.

While Abram Bryn Gates Primary School records the highest absence rate in the borough at 8.3 per cent. The school also has the highest number of persistent absentees.

St Williams RC Primary School in Ince showed the second highest rate of overall absence at 8.1 per cent with Britannia Bridge in Lower Ince sitting third at seven per cent.

In Wigan, the total number of school sessions missed by primary school pupils for the spring term was 13,830 or 0.68 per cent of the total.

Woodfield Primary School has the second lowest absence rate at 3.1 per cent while Tyldesley Primary School comes in at third with 3.3 per cent.

Wigan Council’s Cabinet Champion for Children and Young People, Councillor Susan Loudon said: “Wigan has a strong focus on ensuring that all children are in school all of the time. Our Education Welfare Service works with other services across the borough to support children and their families and to ensure that children can overcome the barriers that are preventing them from attending school.

“Clearly the best place for children is in school and by continuing to work together we can make sure that these figures continue to improve and that no child slips through the support net.”

Top five schools with highest overall absence rate

1. Abram Bryn Gates Primary School 8.3%

2. St Williams’ RC Primary School 8.1%

3. Britannia Bridge Primary School 7%

4. Holy Family Primary School, St Thomas’ CE Junior and Infants and St Anne’s CE Primary school 6.9%

5. Hindsford CE Primary School 6.8%

Top five schools with lowest overall absence rate

1. Millbrook Primary School 2.6%

2. Woodfield Primary School and Gilded Hollins Community Primary School 3.1%

3. St Aiden’s Catholic Primary School 3.3%

4. St Catherine’s CE Primary School 3.4%

5. Orrell Holgate Primary School 3.5%

Top five schools with highest persistent absences

1. Abram Bryn Gates Primary School 4.8%

2. Ince CE Primary School 4.5%

3. Lowton St Mary’s CE Primary School 4.4%

4. St Williams’ RC Primary School 4.2%

5. Britannia Bridge Primary School, Hindsford CE Primary School and St John’s CE Primary School 3.6%