Emily’s team of super heroes

Hawkley Hall High School Year 9 pupils and English teachers in their 'newsroom' during the film review workshop
Hawkley Hall High School Year 9 pupils and English teachers in their 'newsroom' during the film review workshop
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THERE was a buzz among Year 9 students at Hawkley Hall High School as they seized the opportunity to experience life as a journalist.

The day was planned by the English faculty as part of the school’s Enrichment Week, and designed to encourage students to see writing in a more creative and dynamic light.

Following a trip to the Empire Cinema at Robin Park, to watch the newly released film ‘Man of Steel,’ students took part in an activity workshop based on review writing where they had to work in teams and against the clock to create a lively and professional review of the film.

Staff were delighted with the results the children loved the pace and energy of the assignment and worked excellently with one another to create some really impressive pieces of writing.

The standard of work made it hard to choose a winner but in the end the editorial team led by Emily Cadman took the prize, which was to have the review published in the Wigan Evening Post. The team members were: Emily Cadman, Caitlin Ashurst, Shaun Kelly, Regan Jones, Connor Haslam, Toby Dawber and Sam Cottom.

Emily said: “It was great to see how a review is put together and how you need so many different roles in your team.”

The review:

Man of Steel provides a refreshing twist on a classic genre. Director Zack Snider manages to retell a famous story packed with action and astounding special effects that will leave you speechless.

Henry Cavil, the fresh face of Superman, is accompanied by a range of famous faces including Russell Crowe, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon.

Born naturally, Cal El is the last hope for his dying planet. After being injected with the DNA of his entire future race, he is cast off to Earth to keep him out of harm’s way. General Zod tries to stop the launching of Cal’s cradle but, after a long and action packed fight, is stopped by Cal’s father, who sacrifices his life for his son’s safety. Growing up as an outcast and a freak, Cal (renamed Clarke) manages to save lives and avoid detection. When General Zod appears on earth hunting for Cal, it becomes clear that the hero must make a decision about what is more important; his planet or his species.

In our opinion, Man of Steel is a definite must-see. We were constantly blown away by the special effects which were accompanied by a dramatic score of music. At some points we did wonder if the film would ever end as it definitely seemed to drag in parts. When asked, a member of the public described the film as ‘superb,’ adding, ‘It was full of excitement and action.” Another told us, “I thought it was fab! It is definitely one of the best films I’ve ever seen and it kept me wondering what would happen next.”

I would recommend this film to action lovers and fans of superheroes new and old. It is very faithful to films of this genre as it contains lots of explosions, flight and well-choreographed fighting sequences. Younger children may not enjoy this film as it lasts well over two hours, meaning they might get restless or become uninterested. Youngsters aside, though, this is a film for all ages and proves the story of Superman is the best known of all.

Overall, Man of Steel has potential to be a classic and will surely lead the way to a new era of superhero films. It is a film that will stand the test of time, just like the original. Snider’s version is a masterpiece, not to be missed.

Star rating, 9 out of 10