Exam changes pose threat to future career

Schoolchildren at work
Schoolchildren at work

WIGAN education chiefs have criticised the radical overhaul of GCSE exams announced by education secretary Michael Gove.

Wigan MP Lisa Nandy has blasted the decision to form a new structure of GCSEs with exams marked from numbers eight to one as opposed to A* to G.

Northern Ireland and Wales have refused to adopt the same system as England, leading to fears of a two-tier system.

She said: “This is yet another announcement on GCSEs from Michael Gove after he abandoned his chaotic attempt to scrap them last month.

“Successive announcements have caused uncertainty for young people taking their exams this year.

“We need a clear plan from this Government to ensure GCSEs have the rigour and status with employers to get young people into good jobs.”

Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People, Coun Susan Loudon, said: “I think the changes would most definitely be regrettable. More people travel nowadays and I think it will be confusing for employers.”

From 2015, new proposals will see GCSEs moving from coursework and assessment to exams at the end of two years. And pupils will see an increase in rigorous content.

JohnHnaley, headteacher of St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary, said: “The tests seem to be very academic so how would the needs of children who struggle with such be met and what will happen to young people who don’t make the grade and who would have to wait a year for resits.”