Full marks for student eco-wonder

Pupils from Winstanley College with their biodgester
Pupils from Winstanley College with their biodgester
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YOUNG Wigan boffins have been honoured for their pioneering eco-friendly energy work.

The Winstanley College student have landed a prestigious CREST medal for “enthusiasm and understanding of issues in a world context” after their work on a low cost biodigester for use in developing countries.

A prototype of the biodigester, which composts food and garden waste to generate energy, was manufactured at a workshop at Liverpool University.

The Winstanley students joined 55 other teams from the North West at St George’s Hall, Liverpool for the award ceremony.

Intelligent future scientists and engineers were encouraged to enter the scheme aimed at inspiring students to progress in their chosen careers.

Winstanley boasts of having the best exam results in the North West and have achieved some of the bestin the country.

College vice-principal Mel Chadwick said: “It’s so important to all of us that the brightest brains are helping us to take care of our world. We’re so proud that Winstanley students are playing their part in developing new technologies in this way. Congratulations to the team.”

The Engineering Education Scheme is run by EDT, which is the largest provider of the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) enrichment activities.

CREST is Britain’s largest award scheme for project work in the STEM subjects and is sponsored by the British Science Association.

Ellie Chambers, from the British Science Association, said: “The judges’ feedback was very positive about the Winstanley team, and we wish the students all the best as they continue on their STEM career paths. The prizes highlight that creativity, enthusiasm and real world context are the cornerstones of the CREST Awards scheme.”