Help at hand for exam worries

Education news
Education news

A CHARITY is reminding teenagers that help is available if they feel anxious or worried about exams.

Young people across Wigan will be amongst the millions of under-18s who will sit exams this summer.

Kemi Olubodun, ChildLine Service Manager in Manchester, said: “We hear from lots of young people each year who are worried or panicking about their exams and revision. This can affect them in a variety of ways and can leave them unable to eat, sleep or function normally. We want to let them know that they are not alone and that ChildLine is here to listen to them.”

To help children and young people cope with exams and combat anxiety, ChildLine is offering the following advice:

l Make sure you take regular breaks from revising and do some exercise

l Go to bed at a reasonable time and try to get some sleep

l Try to think positively – even if you don’t feel like it, a positive attitude will help you during your revision

l Take some water into the test with you, if you can. Keeping hydrated by drinking water will help you concentrate

The ChildLine website has a special ‘Beat exam stress’ section for children and young people to visit.