Local schools receiving half than London

Education news
Education news

A UNION leader has blasted austerity cuts that mean schools in Wigan are receiving half the funding than those in some in other parts of the country.

Divisional secretary of Wigan branch of the National Union for Teachers (NUT) Max Atkins hit out at Government cash allocations after it was found the borough received £4,519 per pupil in comparison to £8,600 in the City of London.

Everywhere else in Greater Manchester, bar Manchester which gets £5,088 per pupil, also receives under £5,000 whereas pupils in Tower Hamlets Council get £7,014.

Mr Atkins believes the decision is due to ministers favouring southern authorities rather than northern ones.

He said: “It comes as no surprise that northern councils, traditional strongholds of the Labour Party, get significantly less funding than those in London and the south.

“Even taking into account the higher cost of living further south, the disparity is still unacceptable and blatantly biased.

“Unusually, it seems that even northern Tory-controlled councils such as Stockport are being targeted. Whatever happened to honour amongst thieves?

“Nicky Morgan has admitted it is unfair and that the Tories are committed to fairer funding. However, we all know what the Tory version of “fairer” means - those schools with less will not get more, but those with more will get less.”

Now, a group of MPs is set to urge ministers to make big changes to the way school funding is calculated.

A Department for Education spokeswoman added: “We are ensuring schools across England are funded fairly so that all pupils, whatever their background and wherever they live in the country, have access to a good education. This is a priority and a key part of our core mission to deliver real social justice. It is for councils to decide how to allocate their funding.”