Many regret ‘wrong’ education option

Education news
Education news

MORE than one in three people in the North West would not go down the same path of education they did when they were younger, if they had the chance again.

AAT surveyed 1,000 university and further education graduates to find out how their education had affected their career and future.

The results show that many people regret the path of education they took and looking back, would take another route if they could.

The research also revealed that 24 per cent of people in the North West feel they don’t have complete job satisfaction in their current roles, and 28% don’t feel financially secure or independent.

AAT chief executive Mike Farrar said: “It is really important to carefully consider your next steps after school. People who don’t can find themselves in careers and jobs they are not happy in. To minimise this risk, young people should be given careers guidance about all options and qualifications that will be suitable for them, enabling them to pursue careers they can be happy in.”

Previous AAT research has shown that 84 per cent of 14 to 19-year-olds would like, or would have liked, more advice from their school or college on their future options.