Mum sees red in hair dye row

Up Holland High School pupil Briony Evans at home in Orrell with her mum Melanie
Up Holland High School pupil Briony Evans at home in Orrell with her mum Melanie

A WIGAN mum has told of her anger after teachers pulled her daughter out of class ... because of the colour of her hair.

But the headteacher at Up Holland High School today insisted that she is only enforcing a school rule about hair dye, which all pupils and parents are well aware of.

Melanie Evans’s 15-year-old daughter, Bryony, was among several pupils placed in “isolation” on her return from a school trip to Paris - after reapplying her red hair dye.

Mrs Evans, of Orrell, said: “Bryony has had the same colour hair for the last 14 months so I don’t see why it’s suddenly such an issue.

“I don’t think it’s right to put all the pupils with dyed hair into a classroom on their own - particularly when they’re in the GCSE years.

“Bryony likes having a bit of red in her hair but it’s quite subtle - it’s not bright or vibrant.

“I think it’s disgusting that pupils are being singled out just because of the colour of their hair. I’ve got no idea why they’re suddenly being so strict about it.”

But Up Holland High School headteacher Kathryn Barton defended the school’s handling of the situation.

She said: “We have a school rule which states that we don’t allow unnatural hair colours. That has always been the rule and is printed in the school prospectus and in the homework diary as well as forming part of the home/school agreement.

“Some pupils repeated their hair dye in preparation for the school trip to France. This resulted in the colour of their hair becoming strikingly more vibrant than it was before.

“The issue was discussed with a number of children and parents and assurances were sought that the hair colour, at some time, would go back to a natural colour.

“We brought all the children affected together and kept them in isolation while we established the best course of action.

“Some parents chose to collect their children from school at that time.”

Mrs Barton added: “All I can do is ask for parents’ support in coming up with a time frame in which we could reasonably expect their hair to have returned to a natural colour.”