New grammar test in Sats

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HUNDREDS of 11 year olds in Wigan will sit a new grammar, spelling and punctuation test this week - the new test is part of the national tests, known as Sats, taken by children in their final year of primary school.

Pupils will be asked to spot adverbs, nouns, adjectives and pronouns.

And they will have to spell words that are often misspelt, including “separate”, “preferred” and “necessary”.

The new test is made up of a 45-minute grammar test and a separate 15-minute spelling test of 20 words. The government says pupils will need to show they can punctuate sentences properly, including using colons, apostrophes and “ellipses”.

Pupils are also tested on maths and mental maths.

The results of the tests are used to compile the school league tables. The tests have been shaken up after a review, prompted by complaints about marking and the standards of tests.

Teaching unions are opposed to the Sats tests and some boycotted them three years ago, saying that they forced teachers to “teach to the test”, marking was unreliable and the results were too “high-stakes” because of the league tables. Children will no longer be marked on a longer piece of writing.