New regulations will help discipline teachers

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TEACHERS facing allegations of misconduct are expected to escape disciplinary action due to the abolition of the General Teaching Council for England.

Many cases referred to the GTCE since August last year will not have time to be heard before the council closes at the end of March.

Instead the Teaching Agency, which will replace the GTCE, will hear only the most serious misconduct cases that could lead to teachers being struck off.

The GTCE said none of the 323 cases that it has been passed since August has so far been deemed serious enough for transfer to the Teaching Agency. All hearing dates between now and then are understood to have been filled.

Last month it emerged that 228 teachers had been banned from the classroom by the GTCE since 2001, with 211 of those being prohibited from teaching for misconduct.

The remaining 17 were struck off for incompetence.

Once struck off, teachers are banned from applying for another job in education.

A Department for Education spokesman said: “The new system will ensure thatcases are dealt with much more quickly by giving heads freedom to deal with incompetent teachers themselves.