Pupils given chance of pop stardom

MUSICAL pupils could soon make their dreams of becoming a best-selling artist come true, thanks to a new production service.

Schools from across the borough can now raise vital funds to keep their music-making going by selling recordings of concerts or studio sessions online with Sing Up.

The service, which is being provided by leading CD maker MixPixie, allows schools to upload songs or pieces of music they have recorded to the central website, choose an appropriate album design and fix a price, with MixPixie then mailing out any orders across the world.

Around 140 schools have so far signed up, with eight schools already selling their work to eager customers through the MixPixie site, and the company hopes it will soon be displaying the talents of Wigan’s pupils too.

Managing director Buffie Du Pon said: “The site is doing really well, some of the schools have sold 250-plus copies already and are making lots of money for their music departments.

“We are taking care of the royalties and costs side of things, which teachers have told us they have found difficult to sort out in the past, especially for songs written by artists who are published by one of the big companies.

“We hope to make things much easier for schools to get their music out there and heard, potentially, by anyone in the world.”

To find out more or sign up, visit www.singup.mixpixie.com for school recordings and www.makingmusicmix.org.uk for adult or community releases.