Pupils in plea to help clean school fields

The fields behind St John Fisher RC High School off Baytree Road
The fields behind St John Fisher RC High School off Baytree Road

A GROUP of concerned school children have written to Wigan Council in a bid to get their playing field cleaned up.

Children from Sacred Heart Catholic Primary are so fed up with having to spend half of their PE lessons scouring for glass and dog mess on the field they use that they decided to take the issue into their own hands.

The youngsters regularly use the fields, on Baytree Road Beech Hill, for schools games but doing so is becoming increasingly difficult as before they can start playing they have to clean the area up themselves.

They must line up and walk across the field looking for anything that might pose a danger to them.

Year 5 Teacher Susan Cotter said: “This field has been a problem for several years and because of the issue with glass and dog mess we don’t use it as much as we would like to.

“We hope that in writing these letters we will perhaps be able to get some more dog mess bins installed or even if more posters are put up to warn people about creating the mess then that would help.

“More than anything we want those that use the field simply to consider that it is used by our school as well as St John Fisher and if it is a mess than we cannot use it.”

As well as sending a bundle of letters to the council the Year 5 children also sent 17 letters detailing their concerns to the Wigan Evening Post.

One written by Ellesse Aspinall and Jack Berry said: “The owners of dogs should pick up their mess with plastic bags.

“When owners don’t pick up the dog mess we could fall or stand in it and if we have a cut on our leg and land in the mess we can catch a disease called toxoplasmosis.

“Sacred Heart is very annoyed with all of the dog mess on our school field.”

Another letter written by Erin Barker and Georgina Crooks said: “We are disgusted with the dog dirt on Wigan St John Fisher playing field.

“When we go out for games, PE, matches and sports day we can only spend hald of oue time playing because we have to look around for the dog dirt.

“We should have more bins and camera to determine who the culprits are so you can find them.”

Mrs Cotter added: “As well as allowing the children to voice their concerns about the state of the field writing the letters was also intended as a literacy exercise.

“But we do hope that in doing this something will be done to improve the state of the field.”

A spokesman for Wigan Metro said they would look into the children’s concerns to see if there was anything that could be done to help their situation.