Pupils singing for the Latics

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A CUP final song recorded by a group of musical school children is aiming to inspire Roberto Martinez’s men to Wembley triumph.

Pupils at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Springfield, teamed up with Latics poet Ian Bland to record the tune, which details the side’s cup run.

Pupils at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Springfield

Pupils at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Springfield

Literacy co-ordinator, Rachael Draper, said: “I had invited Ian to work with our year four and five children as part of the Latics literacy programme.

“During the time he was working with us, the team reached the cup final and we therefore decided to combine our poetry work with the football theme.

“Ian composed the poem and put the words to the tune of Spring Chicken and our school guitarists Lawrence Hoy and Andrew Hurst learned the tune.

“All the children came in wearing Latics shirts and brought flags, scarves and banners and we filmed the recording of the cup final song. We hope everyone enjoys it.”

WAFC Cup Final Song

One little club travelled down by the sea, Bournemouth the place where the match was to be.

After two tries a solution was found and this little club moved into the next round!

We’re all from Wigan we play with a grin, we’re going to Wembley and we’re going to win.

We play for Roberto, we’re northern and small,

And we come from Wigan and we’re having a ball!

We’re Wigan, we’re Wigan and we’re having a ball!

Next on the list was the tricky fourth round, Wigan got drawn up in Macclesfield Town! We ran through the pain and the cold and the wet and then Gomez popped up put the ball in the net!


Wigan booked a trip up by Huddersfield way, Sunday afternoon in the West Yorkshire grey. We counted our goals and they added up to four and the Wigan fans said Score More! Score More!


What happens next was a big question mark. Wigan got sent up to Goodison Park. Everton froze and then Wigan scored three and Mr Whelan said: Goodness gracious me!


The semi final’s won and we’re off on the march. History beckons at the Wembley arch. Listen to the throng of the great Wigan fans! And we’ll see you in May with that trophy in our hands!