Pupils sleep on a good idea

Education news
Education news

IT was chilly, uncomfortable and undoubtedly a little creepy.

When a group of Shevington High School pupils decided that they wanted to help Wigan’s homeless, they hit upon a safe and secure but fitting way to raise funds.

While most classmates hared off home as the bell went to announce the end of the school day, one plucky group set out sleeping bags in the maths block for a ‘streetsleep’ style event.

It generated, along with a sponsored spell, more than £2,581 sponsorship for the borough’s The Brick homeless charity.

Barclays Bank also sent a representative to the assembly after contributing £988 to the campaign organised by the Year 7 students.

A spokesman for the school said that although pupils were the first to admit that sleeping overnight in the school wasn’t the same as sleeping on the streets, it at least helped focus young minds on the problems faced by homeless people.

She said: “The students were delighted by their success in raising funds for this charity.

“Earlier in the year they had taken a van full of food and toiletries to the Brick offices and they will be continuing their fund raising activities in the next few weeks.

“Mark from the Brick Homeless charity came to school to receive the cheque for £2,581.24 from the students.”