Reaction to school proposals

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A LEADING Wigan headteacher has slammed new government plans to give national rankings to primary school pupils.

The proposals could see 11-year-olds in the borough being ranked against other schoolchildren across the country in what critics are branding a step towards a return to the 11-plus.

Under the new scheme, youngsters would sit tests and be put into 10 per cent ability bands, with parents and school then being informed of their child’s ranking.

John Hanley, headteacher at St Bernadette’s primary, believes that the Government is not treating parents with respect.

He said: “In my experience most parents are fine with the present system and understand that level four is required at year six and that level five or six is above average, so I don’t see how this will change anything really.”

The Government says the aim is to ensure youngsters are ready for secondary school.