Soaring success for Standish High students

Headteacher Lynne Fox at Standish Community High School
Headteacher Lynne Fox at Standish Community High School
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STANDISH students returned to school in September after their summer break, to celebrate fantastic GCSE achievements.

A delighted headteacher, Lynne Fox, has been widely praised for the impressive improvements in standards at the school and said it is really heartening to see record achievements secured once again.

Mrs Fox said: “We are delighted to see that standards are significantly high in such a wide range of subject areas. Like all schools we are under tremendous pressure to focus on English and mathematics but here at Standish we have ensured that students have performed significantly above national averages in a whole range of subject areas including geography, RE, technology, art, media studies, PE and ICT.

“We are proud to be part of a school where the focus is on students being encouraged and supported to develop their talents yet challenged in all their curriculum subjects, not just those that feature in league tables!”

The continued success at Standish, in so many curriculum areas, is based on high quality standards of teaching combined with a desire to encourage a real love of learning among the students.

Without doubt the strong partnership between staff, students and parents plays a key role in securing fabulous achievements resulting in such positive outcomes.

The success and general excellence of Standish Community High School makes it very popular and one of the town’s oversubscribed schools.