Students get Top day out

STUDENTS from a Wigan school obtained a BBC experience with a backstage tour of Top Gear.

St Edmund Arrowsmith pupils experienced the making of hit motoring programme after winning a VIP prize in a competition by designing their own car of the future.

Secondary schools from across the borough entered Corkills Volkswagen competition but the one which stood out from the rest was called the ‘VWigan’.

The Wallgate car dealership tasked the young designers with producing a marketing strategy for a virtual next generation vehicle.

Winners from the school include Megan Whittle, Bethany Taylor, Jessica Affleck, Harry Booth and Tristan Brown.

Technology teacher, Jon Peters said: “The pupils were thrilled to win. They have all worked as a team to ensure that every stage of the project was thoroughly explored and developed as realistically as possible.

“This prize is testament to their hard work and dedication. They made everyone in the Design and Technology department as well as supporting parents proud and showed St Edmund Arrowsmith as a professional, dedicated school with fantastic technological opportunities explored.”

to the maximum.”

Corkills Volkswagen’s brand manager, Jacqui Kaye said: “We were overwhelmed with the response and effort that each school went to but it was felt that the St Edmund Arrowsmith students just had the edge.

“They invented an ingenious new safety feature called ‘Reflex Test’ which required drivers to complete a touch test before every journey to ensure that they were safe to drive, otherwise the vehicle would not start.

“In addition the pupils produced drawings of the vehicle as well as 3D plastic and clay structures to demonstrate a realistic interpretation of the vehicle.

“Coupled with their own ‘VWigan’ branded marketing brochures and t-shirts it was felt that this inventiveness and attention to detail helped to secure their win.”

As part of the VIP prize the pupils, with their teachers, attended a filming of the Top Gear television show and receive a back stage tour, meet the stars of the show and feature in the programme’s audience.

Jacqui said: “We would like to congratulate all the pupils who entered, all projects were of a very high calibre but there could only be one overall winner and that was the team from St Edmund Arrowsmith High School.”