World-class learning

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AN Ashton school is the proud recipient of a new learning award.

Byrchall High School has been awarded the 3rd Millennium Learning Award from Naace – The ICT Association.

The school was chosen to take part in the second stage pilot for the award because it was recognised as a school that is pushing the boundaries when it comes to new ways of learning enabled by technology.

Thirty-eight other schools were invited to join Byrchall High School at a presentation ceremony in July.

All the schools receiving the award have already proved to the world that they have a solid understanding of how to harness technology for learning - they all have the ICT Mark.

The new award is, however, significantly different. There is a firm focus on learning; technology is there, but learning is now developing in new and exciting ways and the 3rd Millennium Learning Award aims to showcase them to the school community.

Schools who undertake the award have some interesting things going on when it comes to learning. For a start, schools are likely to be taking a more independent stand, more focused on the needs of their community; their pupils are likely to be more self-directed, their learning more personalised. Schools will have closer relationships with communities and their pupils will be pushing the boundaries in the depth and scope of their learning.

Plus those engaged in the award are capturing and sharing their good practice through the creation of a short public video aimed at parents and the school community. The video, which can be seen now on the school’s website, is a core part of the award and it is supported by additional commentary that explains to educators how and why they have developed their practice in the way they have.

The pilot schools, including Byrchall High School, have satisfied the criteria and form the pioneering group for the new award which has attracted wide interest in the education community and will open its doors to all qualifying schools from September 2012.

Alan Birchall, Headteacher said: “The 3rd Millennium Learning Award has been a great experience for our school.

“We have worked hard to make the technology investment that we have made in school work hard to support learning. This Award is an acknowledgement from Naace, a national organisation, that we are ahead of the game at Byrchall. Not only do we demonstrate sound good practice but we are leading the field in demonstrating new ways of learning made possible by technology.”

Miles Berry, chair of the Naace Board of Management added: “Naace applauds all those involved in the 3rd Millennium Learning Award Pilot Scheme. They have demonstrated that UK ICT in Education has so much to be proud of. We have some amazing professionals working in our schools who are passionate about embedding technology to enhance the learning that can take place for all children.

“These schools are world class. We look forward to sharing the success stories of these schools with the community. This is another example of how we hope to advance education through the appropriate use of technology.”

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