Elderly lady falls at care home

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FIREFIGHTERS had to break into a care home flat to help an elderly lady who suffered a suspected broken arm in a fall.

Crews were called to Mahogany Care Home in Newtown just before midnight on Christmas Day after the resident had fallen just behind the door of her flat, leaving staff unable to get in.

Firefighters also found the way into the ground-floor flat blocked so resorted to breaking into the Marsden Street care home through a window.

They found the woman had injured her arm so gave her treatment and waited with her until an ambulance arrived.

Crew manager Paul Baines said: “The door to her flat couldn’t be opened and as she had been lying there for about an hour we had to break in through a window from the outside.

“Her arm was very bruised and swollen near her elbow and it looked like it had possibly been broken.

“We gave her first aid and some oxygen therapy and took all the observations, and then we waited with her until the ambulance service arrived.”

It is currently unclear if her injuries required hospital treatment.

The incident was attended by one fire engine from Wigan station and the crew were at the home for around an hour.