Elderly stranded after lift breaks

Langton Court, Platt Bridge
Langton Court, Platt Bridge
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RESIDENTS at a housing complex for the elderly have been left marooned in their homes after a lift was left broken for nine days.

On two separate occasions the only lift at Langton Court, in Platt Bridge, was broken for four days at a time meaning that disabled residents could not get out of their homes.

But bosses of Arena Housing, which manages the complex, say they have done everything in their power on both occasions to get the lift up and running as soon as possible.

On the first occasion, the lift was broken from August 26 until 30, and the latest problem started on Sunday, October 9 and was broken until the following Friday.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “We feel like we have been forgotten about and are frustrated that people have been stuck in their houses for days at a time.

“It is so important for the elderly people to try and get out as much as they can, but since the lift broke they have been stranded inside for days on end.”

Bosses of the Liverpool-based company say that they have kept residents up to date, and the delay has been caused because the part needed to fix the lift has had to be shipped in from overseas.

A company spokesman said: “The lift did break down on Sunday and engineers attended that day, unfortunately they were unable to fix the lift on that occasion.

“They attended on Monday with a part but unfortunately this did not rectify the fault and a part was ordered. The part has been received by our contractors and will be fitted.”

But this is little consolation to residents of Langton Court, which houses about 28 people, who have not been able to leave their houses for the second time in three months.

The resident said: “I have spoken to many of the people who have not been able to get out of their homes, and they are very upset and distressed by the situation.

“A number of them have family members who have been able to visit them but they are still not able to get out and about.”

The Arena spokesman added: “The staff on site have risk assessed each resident and have been offering extra support with shopping, laundry and other tasks for the residents who can not use the stairs.

“We have had extra staffing on over an extended period each day and have kept the residents informed in writing of the issue.

“Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the lift will be 100 per cent operational at all times.

“We have repairs and service contracts in place to provide the best service we can to residents.

“When any lift fails we work promptly to address the issue and support our residents until our contractors are able to fix it.”