Election cash revealed

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CANDIDATES in Greater Manchester’s police commissioner election will be able to spend up to £356,000 on their campaigns ahead of polling day in November.

The region’s prospective new policing chiefs have been given one of the highest campaign budgets in the country.

Among the candidates already in the ring for the job are former Wigan Tory councillor and Mayor Michael Winstanley and Labour MP Tony Lloyd.

Voters in Greater Manchester, along with 40 other police force areas, will go to the polls on November 15 to elect the region’s first police and crime commissioner.

The powerful new role will give them a mandate to set force budgets and hire and fire the chief constable.

Other prospective candidates have until October to hand in nomination papers.

The Electoral Commission determines how much candidates can spend in the run-up to elections and have set different spending limits for the elections according to the size of the area being contested.

Greater Manchester has the second highest in the country, just behind the West Midlands’ £357,435 budget.

The permitted spend, which would have to be raised by candidates, covers the five-week period from October 8 to polling day, on November 15. It also includes the cost of leafleting, advertising, transport and public meetings.

The limit dwarfs the ceiling on general election campaign spending of £25,000 plus 5p per elector.

Candidates in a by-election are permitted a spend of up to £100,000.

Voting in the commissioner elections will take place on a supplementary vote basis meaning voters can mark a first and second choice candidate on their ballot papers.

Voters can register to vote by post or by proxy, in advance of the election.

Mr Lloyd, will step down from the House of Commons in order to stand in the election.