Employee is caught with knife

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A WORKER caught carrying a knife following a meeting with his boss has been handed a suspended jail term.

Police caught father-of-three Alan Fars, 31, carrying a snapped kitchen knife just minutes after the defendant had met up with his boss to iron out an argument from earlier that day.

Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how Fars, of Thickness Avenue, Beech Hill, was stopped by officers in Robin Park Road at about 5.30pm on December 10.

Prosecutors told how police had initially been alerted by the defendant’s wife, who told 999 operators that her husband had gone out for a fight.

When one of the officers stopped Fars and held him by the arm he felt a solid object hidden up the defendant’s sleeve. The object was found to be a kitchen knife with a broken blade.

Fars, who grew up in Iraq but moved to Wigan in 2000 and is now a permanent UK resident, admitted to police that he had argued with his boss earlier that day.

But he said their subsequent meeting had passed without incident.

He also claimed not to know that he was carrying the knife at the time – saying that his wife must have put it in his jacket.

Fars did, however, plead guilty to possession of an offensive weapon on his first appearance before the courts.

Patrick Heald, defending Fars, argued that his client, who works at a car wash on Ormskirk Road, was in fact a victim of “an unhappy series of coincidences and unplanned events”.

He said Fars had only had the knife in his possession because he had been using it to repair a bike that afternoon.

Mr Heald also said there was no suggestion that the knife had been produced or used at any time in the meeting between the defendant and his boss.

When asked to explain his actions before the court, Fars said he now had no problem with his boss and, just last week, had started working at the car wash for 16 hours a week.

Magistrates handed Fars a six-week jail term, suspended for 12 months, and ordered him to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and pay £100 costs.