A tin-pot paint row

Orrell tip
Orrell tip

A HOMEOWNER was staggered to be turned away from the tip ... because he was dumping paint!

The 35-year-old man from Billinge went to Orrell Household Waste Recycling Centre to responsibly dispose of a car boot full of paint tins.

But staff told him they were hazardous waste which could not be accepted at Orrell and he needed to complete a time consuming 15-mile round trip journey to Kirkless Recycling Centre in Ince with them instead.

The man, who has asked not to be named, says that the policy is helping to make a nonsense of the council’s claims of green credentials because of the extra greenhouse gas emissions his car will create when he finds the time to drive out again to Kirkless. He said: “I drove over to Orrell tip with the paint tins to dispose of them properly.

“I opened the car boot and was just about to chuck them into the appropriate skip when a guy came over and said ‘You can’t put that in there, it is hazardous waste’.

“They were all emulsion tins which don’t have solvents in them but he was adamant that I couldn’t leave them there, full stop and I would have to go over to Ince where they had a depot for so called hazardous waste.

”I thought to myself I couldn’t be bothered arguing and they are still there.

“I’m concerned that if people are discouraged from doing things properly that people are just going to end up emptying paint tins down the grid with all the trouble that will cause to the environment. This place is called a household waste recycling centre and this is typical household waste.”

Wigan Council’s Waste Disposal and Recycling Manager Gail Robinson, said: “Emulsion paint is not classed as toxic waste however it must be disposed of in a carefully, controlled way. For Household Waste Recycling Centres to accept paint, it must be able to be segregated from other waste as it cannot be to send it to landfill.

“The Orrell site is too small for adequate storage of paint on site. The nearest to Orrell for paint disposal is Kirkless. Paint disposal facilities are also available at Arley Way, Atherton and Slag Lane, Leigh.”