Fears over survey work allayed following probe

Survey work taking place at the site in South Hindley
Survey work taking place at the site in South Hindley
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Health and safety bosses have found surveying work at a major development site in the borough is complying with the law.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) looked into the investigations being carried out by Arcadis in Hindley Green after concerns were raised by ward councillor Bob Brierley.

Work is being done to discover the level of contamination on the site, especially from a former asbestos factory which once stood there.

The HSE has now found no grounds to investigate further, saying it sees no problem with the work being done on the South Hindley site.

However, Coun Brierley claims regulations have again been breached this week and is demanding further action to protect residents living nearby.

An HSE spokesperson said: “Further to the concerns raised by Coun Brierley, HSE’s Concerns and Advice Team made contact with the duty-holder to ensure that the work being carried out does not present a risk to operatives or members of the public.

“We are satisfied with the response provided by the duty-holder and Coun Brierley has been provided with feedback.”
HSE confirmed it has treated Coun Brierley’s initial allegations submitted last month and his fresh comments regarding work done on Wednesday as one concern.

However, the outspoken independent elected representative says he is alarmed by what he has seen this week on land near Thomas Street.

Coun Brierley said: “The employees are wearing inadequate protective suits and the driver of the digging wasn’t wearing anything protective.

“The lack of protective clothing suggests to me that they are only digging in areas where they know there is no asbestos rather than looking at the whole site.

“In my opinion, that makes the report they make smoke and mirrors.

“They’re only spraying water out of a tiny bucket and they’ve only put up a small bit of fencing like you would have around a pothole. I’ve also been told they are supposed to have a power washer to clean the JCB before it comes off site.

“There are no warning signs up and only certain people have received letters.

“There’s no respect at all for the residents, who are going mad about this.

“Everyone in Hindley Green knows that asbestos was dumped in the area near the bridge.”

Wigan Council has reassured the public there is no risk from the work.