Plea to council: ‘Save our tip’

Orrell houshold refuse tip set to close on January 31, 2012
Orrell houshold refuse tip set to close on January 31, 2012

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to save a Wigan tip from the axe.

Orrell recycling centre is set to close because of budget cuts at the end of this month.

The decision will free up land at the rear of the former council offices in Orrell Road and allow both to be sold off as a package for potential revenue-raising redevelopment.

But Orrell Tory Coun Richard Clayton has today called for a six-months reprieve for the tip for a further study of usage.

He claims that closing the facility before alternative roadside recycling points are introduced would be “premature.” While the distance that residents will have to travel to the nearest alternative facilities, which is Kirkless tip in Ince, could lead to increased incidents of fly-tipping from householders unwilling to use expensive fuel to travel so far.

In a letter to council chiefs calling for a stay of execution over the tip Coun Clayton said: “This closure could not have been timed worse with winter months, impending bad weather with possible bad roads and then the journey to Ince or Hindley.

“I have asked the council to reconsider and revisit this issue - which would be the right thing to do - because it is important that the council is seen to be fair and impartial.”

Angry resident Mike Seddon, of St James Road, said: “Does the council appreciate how difficult it is getting across the borough from Orrell to Hindley? I regularly use the Orrell site for disposal of garden waste in the growing season and in the last six months for disposal of white goods, old fencing, computer equipment and a car battery.

“I am now left wondering how will I dispose of these items in the future as I will not be driving to Hindley.

“I can see the return of fly tipping which was once such a blight on the area.”

“We have lost our library and are now about to lose our recycling facility - all we seem to get is increased house building without parallel increase in the infrastructure.”

A recent review of all the council’s recycling centres - Kirkless (Ince), Slag Lane (Lowton), Orrell and Chanters (Atherton) - revealed Orrell to be the worst performing.

Council cabinet member for environment Kevin Anderson said: “Residents expect and deserve a much better service than we can ever hope to offer from the Orrell site.

“Space is at a premium at Orrell, meaning that the range of waste types that can be segregated is also very limited.

“The council has already had to ban larger vehicles and those with trailers because the site’s awkward shape means that high volumes of traffic cannot be managed safely.

“Orrell also has to close frequently at short notice because once a skip becomes full it is necessary to close the site for the skip to be emptied as the site is too small to be able to safely accommodate service vehicles and residents at the same time.”