The pigs are alright!

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If you’ve visited Haigh Woodland Park recently, you might have already noticed these mucky faces.

But what you may not have realised is that these little pigs are more than just a friendly sight.

One of the porkers at Haigh Hall

One of the porkers at Haigh Hall

Dozens of British Saddleback pigs have been working hard to help keep the park’s rogue plants at bay.

Graham Workman, Wildlife and Countryside Development manager for the council’s Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, said the Saddlebacks had been even more successful than expected.

Graham said: “They have really conditioned the ground.

“They took out all the pernicious weeds and the Japanese knotweed that we have been having problems with.”

A piggy in action at Haigh Hall

A piggy in action at Haigh Hall

Thanks to the pigs, there are now areas in which colourful new plants like Bluebells can be introduced, which could not be colonised previously because of other invasive species like rhododendrons.

Graham added: “They are very happy pigs. They are all very photogenic and certainly like their pictures being taken!”