Tips to avoid neighbourly bin wars!

Bins are increasingly becoming the focus of neighbourly disputes, but with a little common sense they can easily be avoided.

Monday, 30th July 2018, 10:18 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st July 2018, 12:03 pm
Be a good bin neighbour

Taking the time to look out for others living close by can build a sense of community and create a pleasant environment for residents.

A simple action such as wheeling a bin back to a neighbour’s house following waste collections may sound simple, but it will be greatly appreciated and may result in the favour being returned in future.

Here’s the list of six steps to becoming a bin friendly neighbour according to

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Let neighbours use your bin if they don’t have space. At times, some households will have more waste than others, so if you have space it’s good to share it with neighbours so bags aren’t left piled up out in the open, vulnerable to wildlife attack.

Take your neighbour’s bin back to their house following collections. If you’re wheeling your bin back to your house and you see your neighbour’s at the kerb, just wheel it back to the front of their house, it will take seconds and they’ll thank you for it and return the favour if they get a chance.

Take over your neighbour’s bin duty if they are on holiday. If your neighbour’s go away, offer to sort their bins whilst they’re gone – it doesn’t take more than a minute and when you go away you’ll be able to ask them to take over your bin duty.

Don’t use your neighbour’s bin without asking first. If you have no space in your bins for your rubbish, don’t simply plonk it in another’s bin without asking first. Give them a knock and explain the situation, and if they’re happy for you to use it, then go ahead.

Don’t keep smelly rubbish in front of the house. If you have smelly rubbish in your bins, don’t keep it outside your house – keep it in the back garden or take it to another bin so it’s not stinking up a fuss.

Don’t leave rubbish out for wildlife to find. Wildlife loves rubbish, so don’t make it easy for them to attack your bin bags by leaving your bin lid open or piling up bags next to bins outside – you will end up with rubbish strewn up the street and unhappy neighbours