Wigan honeymoon couple left stranded in hurricane

Marianne and Stu Hazeldon
Marianne and Stu Hazeldon
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A newlywed couple from Wigan have told of their honeymoon hell after becoming trapped in Florida in the midst of Hurricane Irma.

Marianne Molyneux Hazelden, 43, and Stu Hazelden, 45, from Springfield were married last week in a ceremony in North Wales before heading off for the holiday of a lifetime in Florida’s Key West.

Marianne and Stu Hazeldon from Springfield on their wedding day

Marianne and Stu Hazeldon from Springfield on their wedding day

Before long, the couple’s newlywed bliss was shattered as they were evacuated from the beach resort, forced to drive 12 hours up the coast to Orlando before their fuel ran out and they were unable to purchase more due to such high demand.

But despite their worrying circumstances the couple is remaining positive and sending “hopes and prayers” for others affected by the storm, which has been described as “the worst the country has seen”.

Marianne added: “We’re currently like sitting ducks uncertain of Irma’s course. We are safe here for now, the hotel is built to withstand high category hurricanes.

“Queues for fuel are horrendous. All toll fees have been waived to allow people to evacuate. Airports are closing tomorrow with Universal and Disney closing at the end of today. We have thunderstorms now so the only thing left to do is eat, but Stu isn’t complaining about that.”

The couple have sung Florida’s praises saying that they feel reassured by the way natives are so “well-equipped” to their state’s adverse weather conditions.

Marianne added: “It’s a worrying time for Florida, especially the vulnerable, and the lives people have built here. It’s hard to relax with the thought of Irma lingering in the back of your mind.

“They’re calling it a nuclear hurricane, the worst ever in the Atlantic basin. We are hoping flight times aren’t disrupted after the storm so we can fly home next Sunday.”