‘Worst car park’ in Wigan in broken pledge row

Ms Grahams latest picture of the pot-holed car park
Ms Grahams latest picture of the pot-holed car park
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Car park chiefs have been blasted for failing to honour a pledge to make a Wigan one more vehicle-friendly.

In the autumn the Wigan Post reported motorists’ complaints about large craters causing damage to vehicles and them getting stuck on the site of the former town hall off Riverway.

Visitor Samantha Graham called it “the worst car park I have ever seen” as she crunched her car’s undercarriage through water-filled pot holes and saw another motorist struggling to get out of his space because the wheel was caught.

The complaints prompted an eventual response from Euro Car Parks who at first said it was British Virgin Islands-based landlord’s responsibility.

A spokesman said ECP would first take temporary measures to fill in the holes and was waiting for the delivery of planings because “it is in the interests of all parties to do this.”

But two months later and nothing has happened.

Ms Graham, a Bolton-based supply teacher who regularly visits Wigan, said: “It’s disappointing that, despite the promises to improve it they have not really kept to that. So again they are taking money to park in a substandard car park but not taking other responsibilities.”

The Post contacted the spokesman who had given the statement last time but he instructed the paper to send an email to an ECP information address.

That was on Tuesday. No response has been forthcoming. The car park is earmarked as one of the brownfield sites that Wigan Council would like to use for housing development.