Erotic fiction writer bids to make a stand

Grandmother and suthor Sandra Robinson
Grandmother and suthor Sandra Robinson
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AN author whose works include a book of erotic stories is hoping to whip up a political storm with her bid to become a councillor.

Grandmother and writer Sandra Robinson is standing as an independent candidate in May’s Wigan Council elections due to her fury about the controversial guided busway.

I went to watch a council meeting and it was a sight to behold, with Labour councillors bullying and ganging up on anyone who was independent

Sandra Robinson

Higher Green Lane resident Sandra will stand in the Astley Mosley Common ward where she lives and says she plans to ensure residents’ voices are properly heard in the chamber.

Sandra, 59, said: “This started with the busway being pushed through despite overwhelming opposition.

“We need someone who will speak for the people. I’m standing up on behalf of a lot of people who are very disgruntled because basically they have been treated like naughty little children. I find that disturbing.

“I can do without this because I’ve got six children and four grandchildren and doing this will leave me less time for my writing, but I’ve got to make a stand.

“I went to watch a council meeting and it was a sight to behold, with Labour councillors bullying and ganging up on anyone who was independent.

“No doubt if I get in I will have the same thing pushed at me, but I write for a living so I will be saying very loudly what is happening. They are not going to frighten me.”

In addition to opposing the widely-unpopular guided busway Sandra says she hopes to campaign on a variety of issues including measures to help local businesses, the future of the NHS and fracking.

She also hopes to provide more activities for her ward’s teenagers to curb anti-social behaviour and says she opposes the council’s decision to close the Fourways day care centre.

Sandra has lived in Astley since she was 21 and brings an array of professional experience, having run craft shops and worked as a children’s nurse and health visitor.

However, she now works as a writer having published an anthology of steamy tales and is currently working on a series of books for children and a paranormal sci-fi romance.

She said: “People think if you write erotica you are sat there with a whip, but I’m a mum and grandma so my home is full of kids’ toys. However, if I make as much money as EL James I’ll be happy.

“I write a real mixture of genres but if someone tells me I can’t do something it really incites me to do it.”