Ex-boyfriend’s vile death threats over night on town

Crime news
Crime news

A MAN who threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend in a series of “vicious” voice messages has been spared jail.

Lee Jones admitted leaving four threatening voice messages on Carly Needham’s mobile phone after she went out and left him looking after their two children. Wigan Magistrates’ Court heard how, in a fit of rage, the 28-year-old whisked the children away to his parents’ home in Wrexham and downed four strong cans of lager before making a series of vile threats.

Lee Dacre, prosecuting, told how Jones and Miss Needham had been in an on-off relationship for seven years and, despite a split, Miss Needham had agreed to let the defendant move back into her Wigan home. But, when she stayed out all night after leaving her two children with Jones, she returned home the following morning to an empty house.

When she checked the voice messages on her mobile phone she found four “nasty, vicious” messages from the defendant in which he made a series of threats to kill her.

Jones, now of Maesy, Wrexham, made a full and frank admission in interview but claimed he had no intention of carrying out his threats.

While on bail, Jones also admitted a charge of criminal damage after punching one of the wing mirrors off his mother’s car.

The court heard how his mother had refused to let him in until he paid her the £130 he owed her.

Jones then became aggressive and struck out at her car as he left.

Elizabeth Kenny, in mitigation, told how her client was already subject to a non-molestation order banning him from having any contact with Miss Needham until November 22.

She said he now accepted their relationship was over and asked for him to be given credit for his admissions in interview and early guilty pleas.

He sentenced Jones to a two-year community order in which he must complete a domestic abuse programme.