Ex-partner admits assault

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A WIGAN man has admitted assaulting his ex-partner in front of their three-year-old son.

Wigan magistrates heard that Anthony Woodward burst into Melissa Wilkinson’s house in Ridyard Street, Pemberton, pushed her against a wall and when he could not find a mobile phone he was looking for, spat in her face.

The 24-year-old from Kitt Green Road, Marsh Green, pleaded guilty to common assault.

Miss Wilkinson, who had previously been in a long term relationship with Woodward, is said to have suffered from a whiplash-type neck injury for several days after the incident.

Woodward, who was earlier this month cleared of unrelated charges of rape and sexual assault after a trial at Liverpool Crown Court, had been returning their son to his former partner when the incident took place and she called the police.

Justices gave Woodward a 12-month restraining order which prevents him from contacting Miss Wilkinson unless by agreement to make arrangements about contact with the child and stops him from going near to Ridyard Street.

He was given a nine-month community order and a requirement to attend an Improving Relationships Programme.

The magistrates also ordered him to pay his victim £100 in compensation and a further £20 in court costs.