Ex-teacher marries the world’s scariest man

Cathryn and The Scary Guy
Cathryn and The Scary Guy
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TEACHER Cathryn Woodhall has married the scariest man in the world!

Cathryn, 45, who comes from Lowton, married US motivational speaker The Scary Guy in a ceremony at Manchester Town Hall.

They celebrated their reception at Bar 38, in Manchester, with guests from all over the world, and spent their honeymoon in Paris.

The couple met in 2005 when Cathryn was teaching at a school in Bury and The Scary Guy was booked to speak to pupils about prejudice and bullying.

When she helped The Scary Guy write up a curriculum for his sessions, he asked her to join him on his worldwide tours.

They started dating in 2007 and married this year.

The Scary Guy, who legally changed his name from Earl Kenneth Kaufmann 13 years ago, said: “I have a reading disorder, so I never write things down. When I spoke at the school, Cathryn wrote the curriculum for me.

“I was so impressed I thought we should hire her.

“She left her job as an educator and went on the road with me in 2006.

“We kept it platonic and business-like, but we then decided this was love and the relationship developed.”

The pair tour the world with VisionHeart and KidsVisionHeart Inc, with Cathryn writing the material for The Scary Guy to deliver.

He uses humour and shock tactics to teach children the emotional consequences of bullying and name calling in order to eliminate hate.

He added: “We develop and design programmes to modify behaviour in children so they are aware of the fact they have the power to take responsibility for their actions.

“We dedicate our lives to helping people and allowing children a chance to do things differently. We hope to make a difference to their lives.”

The couple have no children together, but Cathryn is close to The Scary Guy’s daughter and two grandchildren.

They travel around a lot but often spend time in Cathryn’s cottage in Wales and visit family in Leigh.

The Scary Guy, who is a former tattoo artist, added; “We have a good time when we come back here to Cathryn’s home town.

“Because Cathryn’s mum and family live in the area and she loves her family we try to get here two or three times a year.”