Experts issue a two-day weather warning

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WIGANERS have been told to brace themselves for significant snowfall over the next two days, with between five and 10cm of snow expected in parts.

Forecasts for today and tomorrow have caused the Met Office to issue a weather warning.

Although Wigan is not expected to be hit with the worst of the weather, other areas in the North West are predicted to be more severely affected.

The Met Office has urged residents to be aware of the risks of snow and ice.

A spokesman, said: “We have yellow warnings in place for today and tomorrow.

“We expect the snow to have started by early Friday and to continue through into Saturday when it will start to die out again.

“Wiganers can expect about five centimetres of snow during this spell, however, you may not see as much in some places because of the way the wind is blowing.

“Anyone heading east into the Pennines or south to North Wales can expect larger amounts of snow.”

Up to 10cm of snow and blizzards are forecast in some areas of Manchester with a more severe amber warning in place in areas of nearby Warrington and Merseyside.

Wigan Council moved to reassure residents that gritting vehicles will be out on major roads.

Head of infrastructure, Mark Tilley, said: “We endeavour to keep traffic flowing in adverse conditions and our gritters will be out to prevent ice from forming on the borough’s main road network every night when icy conditions are forecast.

“It is the council’s policy to grit only major roads, as we simply do not have the resources to treat the entire road network.

“About 20 per cent of our roads carry 80 per cent of the traffic and the routes gritted take in all bus routes, police stations, ambulance stations, fire stations and hospitals.

“Priority is given to maintaining safe driving conditions on those most frequently used routes.

“We do provide 480 salt bins in the borough which can be used by residents to clear roads.”

Severe weather earlier in the year caused the council to cancel some bin collections over health and safety concerns.

But with a dry period forecast early next week by the Met Office, services are not expected to be adversely affected even with temperatures remaining cold.