Eyesore given a makeover

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A NOTORIOUS Wigan grot spot has been given a clean-up after an inquiry into on-going fly-tip woes.

Council workers collected sackloads of rubbish that had been dumped on the land opposite Wynsors World of Shoes in Scholes.

The operation was carried out after numerous complaints from residents.

Coun George Davies, who organised the clean-up, said: “I would like to say a big thank-you to the council’s Beat It team for their efforts to clear out all of the shrubbery.

“This land, which has been a constant area for drug dens and fly tippers, is now being monitored for anti-social behaviour by Wigan Council and Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

“And if anything causes residents harassment on this land then I urge them to report it to the council or GMP.

“Fly tipping is the illegal disposal of controlled waste and is a criminal offence and our council will take enforcement action against householders and businesses who deposit their waste.”

Shrubbery and small trees which hide the fly tipping was removed along with the rubbish which had built up.

Notice boards have also been put in place with contact details so that anybody who witnesses criminal behaviour can report it.

Coun Davies added: “The environment we live in is key to how we feel about the neighbourhood. So the boards which have been put up in the area will support our actions in tackling fly tippers, litter louts and people using drug dens.”

To report any fly tipping contact Wigan Council on 01942 404364.